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Budahboy Boy Pendant in Neon Pink
Budahboy Boy Pendant in Neon Pink
Budahboy Boy Pendant in Neon Pink
Budahboy Boy Pendant in Neon Pink

Budahboy Boy Pendant in Neon Pink

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We are more than excited to be carrying this exclusive, hard-to-get line of spiritually motivated jewelry!

The BuDhaBoys have gone solo. You can now add a pop to your wardrobe with our colorful array of little Buddhas. They are perfect on BuDhaGirl chains, cords, wrist wraps and even on our bestselling All Weather Bangles. Our little Buddhas come with a brass loop that makes them easy to change from one necklace to the other.

BuDhaBoy measures 1.5"h x 1.5"w

Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause...Think of your inner body, visualize your core, then visualize intense warmth and light radiating from it, breathe...Go, Be it.

Thought: Human consciousness must fundamentally change now. Being present is the first step in helping ourselves and our world make a change for the better.

Regular Size Budhaboys come in a variety of colors. Mini Budhaboys are available in Silver or Gold

*If we don't have your color we can special order it for you!


Mindful Glamour Ritual:  Pause.  Breathe. Think a moment about your day. What is the most important thing for you today; linger in this thought, place your Petite BuDhaBoy on your favorite treasure. Then… Go. Be it.

Thought:“Try to make at least one person happy every day. If you cannot do a kind deed, speak a kind word. If you cannot speak a kind word, think a kind thought. Count up, if you can, the treasure of happiness that you would dispense in a week, in a year, in a lifetime!” Lawrence G. Lovasik